Study Hungarian in a unique, challenging, diverse and nurturing environment. The Kossuth Foundation is dedicated to offering rigorous language education for adults at all levels tailored to the needs of the students. We offer instruction at all levels. 

Our native-born teachers are highly qualified, experienced, and motivated. We focus on helping those students who have the desire to effectively communicate in a foreign language. The Hungarian Language Program integrates speaking, listening, reading, and writing. We also foster a lifelong learning of Hungarian culture. 

Starting in 2022, our courses will be 14 weeks during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Most classes meet for two and a half hours, once per week on weekday evenings after work, and sometimes on Saturday mornings. Classes tend to be small and emphasize both the language and the culture of Hungary. Students come from many backgrounds, including those who were born in Hungary but came to the US at an early age, those who studied or worked there, spouses or children of Hungarians and those simply trying to learn this challenging but rewarding language.  We follow the universally accepted Common European Framework for Languages used to teach languages around the globe.  Each of the levels typically requires approximately 120 to 140 hours of continuous instruction, and we generally offer more than one class teaching at different proficiencies within each Level.  

Level A1:
We have several classes at various stages of the beginner level, which focuses on topics of everyday life in Hungary. We provide a strong grammatical foundation by covering basic grammar topics such as vowel harmony, present tense conjugation, noun plurals, and possessive endings. Level A1 Class also spends a great amount of time on pronunciation. By the end of Level A1, the students can greet Hungarian people, introduce themselves, ask basic questions, exchange pleasantries, and can maintain simple face-to-face conversations. Previous Hungarian knowledge is not required. At this level, both Hungarian and English are used to explain grammar and expressions.

Level A2:
The emphasis at this level continues to be on basic grammar structures and present tense and past tense verb conjugations. In addition, this class stresses the language used in shopping, asking for directions, ordering food, booking a hotel room, and other routine situations. By the end of Level A2 the students can carry on simple conversations and communicate their basic needs. Students are also introduced to basic Hungarian cultural events, learn about Hungarian historical events, literature, and music.

Level B1:
At the B1 level, our teachers cover more advanced grammar structures, such as imperative mode, conditional mode; and review and practicing previous grammar topics. The lessons emphasize work, free time, travel and language learning topics. By the end of Level B1 the students can communicate effectively on a wide range of topics and deal with complications. Cultural events, including Hungarian historical milestones, literary pieces and current events are often discussed.

Level B2:
All students in the class are able to use Hungarian language on a wide range of sophisticated topics, and their comprehension is nearly complete. Our goals are to expand vocabulary, to increase speaking fluency, to work on stress and intonation, and to improve reading comprehension while learning about Hungarian culture and current topics. At the end of B2 level, we also review and practice grammar structures as needed.

If interested, or if you know anyone interested in learning from scratch or improving their language skills, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are grateful for the financial support of our Language Program from the Hungarian Government through the Bethlen Gabor Alap. 



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