2020 Quadrennial Meeting

2020 Quadrennial Meeting Summary

On March 14, 2020 at 9:30 a.m. the Kossuth House Board of Directors conducted the Quadrennial Meeting

Here is a summary of the event


A postcard was mailed to Hungarian Reformed Federation of America insurance policy holders using a GBU mailing list.  Additionally news was spread using the Kossuth House web page, and Facebook page as well as on Unicum and other social media tools.

2020 Quadrennial Meeting
2020 Quadrennial Meeting - Coronavirus Update

2020 Quadrennial Meeting - Repeat March 21 @ 930 am

Due to a small error the call-in number we posted was incorrect and we know some people who wanted to listen in could not. To remedy that situation, we will hold a second informational session to provide members with the same briefing we provided Saturday and to answer any questions. This will not affect any decisions reached during the meeting because all votes taken had to be either in person or by absentee or proxy ballots, not over the phone. However, it will allow interested Foundation members to receive the same information we provided during the meeting and to ask questions of our leadership. The call will take place next Saturday, March 21, at 9:30 and the correct call in number is 1-425-436-6260, with an access code of 190 9190#.

Event Summary

    • Past – History of the foundation and the Kossuth House
    • Present – Present uses and condition
    • Future – Plans for future activities and development of the building
  • Treasurer’s Report – Spreadsheets
    • Foundation cultural centered activities 
    • Foundation real estate activities 
  • Board Elections
    • Eligibility criteria
    • Who was elected 


Event minutes – To be posted soon